Shenkar College Toy Design Course.


About the SCTD Course

Since 2002, the Toy Design Course has been taking place at the Industrial Design in Department of Shenkar College near Tel-Aviv.

The framework of this unique Course was developed, keeping in mind importance of understanding the deep cultural significance of TOYS – and well as being aware of the renewed appreciation of the role of PLAY within the creative process of Design.

During the Course, students are exposed to the history of Toy Design, to key issues of the discipline and to its typical working methods. The Course includes an introduction to traditional and contemporary toys, studying and analyzing toy samples, toyshop tours as well as reviewing the issues of sustainability and the impact of digital technologies on the field.

Throughout one semester, students hold observation and testing sessions with children of different age groups. These, usually take place in kindergartens of local collective communities, known as Kibbutzim. Furthermore, as part of the Department’s tradition, holding international Toy Design conferences, students take part in workshops, led by visiting professionals and experts.

During the last decade, the Course’s key topics included STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) toys, experimental 3D printed toys, adult toys, circus-culture oriented toys, bamboo toys and other issues.

The unmediated rediscovery of the world of toys triggers the student’s emotional and intellectual responses, from nostalgia and reminiscence of childhood memories to criticism of the concept of «childhood» and «play» in today’s culture.

About Yoav Ziv

Since founding the Toy Design Course in 1998 at Bezalel Academy and later on at Shenkar, Yoav has been leading this discipline within the College as well as holding Toy Design workshops and academic joint research projects with other organizations. Yoav has been invited to academies in Israel, Europe and North America to talk about various toy design issues.

In recent years, Yoav has initiated and coordinated, international conferences, focusing the themes of Bamboo toys, The role of the Toy-Designer in an ever-changing world and Contemporary toy design challenges at Shenkar. As part of these events, Yoav organized and curated toy exhibitions, showcasing these topics.

His professional practice includes research, design and innovation in the field of toys, games and child products. Many of his projects have been realized by leading global clients and have won design and commercial awards.

Yoav studied Industrial Design at Bezalel Art and Design Academy, Jerusalem and graduated the Industrial Design Masters Program at Domus Academy, Milan. Contact:

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